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Postnatal Depression


Many mothers suffer from postnatal depression and hide the problem from shame and fear of being a bad mom. 

No one has to be as perfect as a mother. It does not matter at what time and in which situation: It is always expected to be patient, well-balanced, top-organized, and above all, happy. After all, she has children, and children are, we are safe as a society, the greatest fulfillment that one can have.


Nobody is allowed to know the truth

The reality, of course, often looks very different: raising children is a hard bone job that brings you to your own limits. When postnatal depression joins the “normal” burden, it is almost impossible to sustain the facade of the “happy mother“. 

But that is exactly what many mothers do because they do not want to be labeled as “failed” and “bad mother”. How absurd this conflict really is brings the American Kathy DiVincenzo with this image on the point, which she has published on Facebook. DiVincenzo is fed up with getting the issue under the carpet and has an important message for all mothers who are also struggling with postnatal depression:


“I am afraid that the truth disturbs you”

“The truth is, these pictures are both  showing my life, depending on the shape of the day, but I would normally show only one, and that’s the problem, I work twice as hard to hide this reality from you because I’m scared I’m worried that you might think I’m weak, crazy, a terrible mother something different from the millions of things my head tells me about, and I know it’s not just me it works. “


“Break the silence!”

“We need to stop thinking that the time after birth is always blissful because for one out of every seven women she is not. (…) We need to learn what the signs, symptoms, risk factors, and services are for the time After the birth, we need to get rid of the stigma and end the silence by telling our stories and letting others know that they are not alone. “

Above all, an appeal to all other mothers DiVincenco is important: “If no one has told you yet: You make your cause great! You are loved, and you are worth it. You are not alone!”

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