Power cuts: where, when and how will they be applied?

We recently told you about EcoWatt, this platform which allows you to have a global vision of the current tensions on the French electricity network. Even if it was not warmly welcomed by the French, it alerts users in the event of a risk on the electrical network and gives a few simple gestures to save energy.

However, this does not answer the main question that everyone will ask themselves if such a situation arises: will my household be affected by power outages? To answer this question, it is already necessary to be interested in the way in which the load shedding will be carried out.

A distribution by zones and with limited time slots

In the event of intense or prolonged cold combined with a high demand for energy during dark hours in the morning and evening, RTE, the operator of the French electricity transmission network, could reduce the power distributed on the network; This is to avoid load distribution problems caused by too much demand and insufficient production.

Enedis, manager of the electricity distribution network, would then take over to carry out load shedding by “electric pockets”, as explained by the boss of RTE interviewed by the daily South West. A cut would therefore affect entire areas such as city districts or larger urban areas, but always on the same section. This therefore excludes seeing an entire region unpowered.

We must also put aside the idea of ​​spending a whole day or night without electricity. First of all, these cuts would only occur during consumption peaks of the sensitive portion indicated on EcoWatt, ie on weekdays between 8 a.m. and 1 p.m. and 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. In addition, these load shedding should be modified every two hours according to different sectors.

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Do you want to know the electricity consumption of France at a given moment in order to know if we are in overconsumption and if cuts are to be expected? Then go to EcoWatt.

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A site to find out if you are concerned

There are areas in which you have no chance of having a voluntary blackout, even at the height of the crisis. Indeed, if your home is close to a healthcare establishment, a sensitive industrial site or even close to light signals essential for safety, you should be spared.

It should also be kept in mind that power cuts do not currently have to be applied. Depending on the weather and the efforts made by everyone, we could come out of winter without any cuts having taken place. However, if there should be any, the Enedis cut prevention site can help you anticipate.

Updated in the morning and evening, a map of the departments indicates how many customers are potentially concerned. Those who are in a displayed department can enter their exact address to find out if they are part of the section that will be relieved.

Does the Linky meter have something to do with it?

Put on the front of the stage when the temporary shutdown of water heaters between 12 p.m. and 2 p.m. was put in place, the Linky meter will not be useful this time. As the measure has shown its usefulness, it remains in place to favor the heating of water tanks during periods of low demand, during the night. And the user retains the possibility of manually activating his water heater if necessary during these two hours.

On the other hand, within the framework of these cuts, Linky will not play any role, load shedding being carried out by zones. If you are one of the rare households not to be equipped with a communicating meter, you will therefore not escape a possible cut.

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