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Power outages are a reality that many of us face from time to time. These interruptions can disrupt our daily routines, including our access to the Internet, which has become essential to our modern lives. However, there are clever ways to stay connected even when the power goes out. To continue to benefit from the Internet when you are affected by a power outage, the telephone operator SFR gives us some secrets about his website.

Power outage: activate connection sharing

To surf the web without a wifi connection, you can always stay connected to the cellular network, whether 3G, 4G or 5G of your mobile plan. This connection can easily be shared on your computer or tablet as well as those of loved ones. To do this, simply activate connection sharing on your mobile device via the settings or parameters of the latter. On the device you wish to connect, simply select in the tab “Wireless” the name of the connected device in the list of available networks nearby. If this is your first time connecting to this network, you may be asked for a password. You will find it on your mobile device.

The downsides of connection sharing: it’s better to have a mobile plan with enough gigabytes so as not to end up with a hefty bill at the end of the month and a sufficiently charged battery. “You should know that tethering consumes a lot of energy, so the battery percentage will decrease more quickly on your smartphone”, indicates SFR. And without power, charging your smartphone is somewhat impossible…

For connection sharing to work, the mobile coverage of the network must not also be impacted. If in urban areas, the signal could switch to the nearest antenna spared from the cut with a high risk of saturation, this is not the case in rural areas. The distance between the relay antennas could indeed complicate the task. Some operators have batteries with a battery life of 10 to 30 minutes.

Use an Internet key

Another option for browsing the Web without electricity: the Internet key. Practical, this accessory will allow you to connect almost anywhere, without electricity, in no time. This is a small box equipped with a SIM card which will give you unlimited access to the 4G/4G+ network throughout the country. Baptized “Internet everywhere” at SFR, this device is available from all telephone operators. Count between €39 and €80 depending on the plans and operators.

The downsides of the Internet key: to be able to benefit from it, you will have to anticipate and obtain this gem before a possible power outage. Just like connection sharing, the mobile network is essential to operate an Internet key. It is therefore better that it too is not impacted by load shedding…

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