PowerWash Simulator: After Tomb Raider, make way for collaboration with Final Fantasy VII

Surprise success of the past year, PowerWash Simulator today benefits from a strong community which is delighted to see that the game is entitled to free content which enriches the experience Especially when this same content is an opportunity for Square-Enix and FutureLab to multiply the crossovers, starting with the Croft Manor of tomb Raiderwhich it is now possible to clean from top to bottom in the game. Another collaboration has just been announced, this time with a license that still belongs to Square Enix, namely Final Fantasy VII.

It’s time to clean up Midgar, and there’s work to do

The timing of this announcement owes nothing to chance since Final Fantasy VII celebrates its 26th anniversary today. Square Enix even decided to save January 31 as the Final Fantasy VII day in Japan, that’s how perfect it was for FuturLab to reveal the contents of its upcoming free DLC.

You will soon be able to have fun roaming Midgar by swapping the Crushing Sword for a good old cleaning kit. This Midgar Special Pack will allow you to go to the 7th Heaven bar to clean up the mess behind the Avalanche meetings, but also to have a karcher on Cloud’s motorcycle or in other iconic places in the city. No date has yet been announced for the arrival of this DLC.

PowerWash Simulator is already available on PC, Xbox Series, and Xbox One, with Switch, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 versions just released as well.

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