Poxel: a broker adjusts

Photo credit © Poxel

( — poxels fell 0.5% to 1.50 euros on Friday, while Jefferies revalued the file from 3.5 to 4 euros with a notice to buy… The biotech had recently announced positive histological results of DESTINY-1 study (efficacy and safety study of the R-enantiomer of pioglitazone (PXL065) stabilized by deuterium substitution) in NASH. This phase II study evaluated different doses of PXL065 for the treatment of NASH. PXL065 is an innovative and patented molecule, which exhibits reduced activation of PPAR? while retaining the non-genomic actions of thiazolidinediones (TZDs). The phase II study of PXL065 for the treatment of NASH met its primary efficacy endpoint of reduction in liver fat mass after 36 weeks of treatment for all doses.

The Company believes that its resources will be sufficient to fund its operations and investments through at least February 2023. Management continues to actively explore additional financing options, including ongoing discussions to enter into partnerships for its programs.
Oddo BHF (‘outperforming’) spoke of a publication “generally solid at the clinical level and cost control, but which could be penalized by the lack of financial visibility today… The recent restructuring of its debt makes it possible to slightly improve the group’s financial visibility. However, before any launch of new clinical phases, this must be significantly reinforced”.


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