Practical tip: This means the traffic sign with the red dot

There are more than 20 million traffic signs on German roads and motorways, which are intended to ensure safety and order.

With the abundance of different symbols, however, road users are repeatedly confronted with traffic signs that they do not know or misinterpret.

These include, for example, a red dot, which is mainly found on signs on busy country roads and motorways. But what is behind it?

Red dot on the traffic sign: This is its meaning

The “red route” is intended to smooth out routes where traffic jams are frequent.

Photo: Sebastian Gollnow/dpa

The red dots are part of the so-called “red route”, a large-scale detour that allows travelers to take the fastest route to the next motorway exit in the direction of their destination.

The bypass is intended to smooth out routes that are particularly often affected by long traffic jams. In Bavaria you can sometimes find such a route in the Regensburg area near the “Pfaffensteiner Tunnel”.

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