Pre-order Starfield: Editions, bonuses and shops at a glance


You can pre-order Starfield now for PC and Xbox Series X/S. Here you can access the shops and learn more about the bonuses.

You can secure Starfield in advance. (Source: Screenshot Bethesda)

The great game hope of Microsoft and Bethesda is called 2023 Starfield, an action role-playing game in which you explore the universe with more than a thousand worlds.

Developer Bethesda showed massive gameplay for Starfield in mid-June and the reactions on the net are very positive. The anticipation has increased enormously for many and the pre-orders have been opened accordingly.

At Amazon Pre-order Standard Edition*


At media market Pre-order Premium Edition Upgrade*


At Saturn Pre-order Premium Edition Upgrade*


At media market Pre-order Constellation Edition*


At Saturn Pre-order Constellation Edition*


You can buy the game normally for 70 euros, but if you opt for the digital premium edition, you get more benefits, including early access five days before release. Then you can already play Starfield on September 1, 2023. You can also upgrade the Standard Edition with the “Premium Edition Upgrade” through some retailers and secure this advantage.

Important: Note that the Premium Edition upgrade requires the purchase of the Standard Edition. If you only order the upgrade, you cannot play Starfield.

If you are really excited about the game, you can also pre-order the Constellation Edition for 300 euros. A Starfield Chronomark watch is also included. In the following gallery you can see the editions and their bonuses again at a glance.

Editions of Starfield

There are several versions of the game. Learn more about the content here.

Starfield release date is September 6, 2023 for PC and Xbox Series X/S. There will probably not be a version for PS5.

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