Precarious calm in Jerusalem after the attacks

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Anger remains strong in the city, in the West Bank and in the settlements after a bloody weekend which raises fears of a new conflagration.

From our correspondent in Jerusalem, Danièle Kriegel

Israeli soldiers patrol in central Jerusalem on January 30, 2023.
© Menahem Kahana/AFP

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VS’It is always a surprise to see how, after deadly attacks like those that took place in East Jerusalem, last Friday and Saturday – 7 dead and 5 seriously injured – the return to normal is done very quickly. By Sunday morning, the first working day in Israel, the buses were crowded – people going to work, children going to schools – the shops and supermarkets were open. A working day like any other, apparently.

Because the tension has not evaporated. Far from there. On the ground, the state of alert is at its highest level. Two additional battalions have been deployed in the West Bank while, in Jerusalem, the police presence has considerably increased. In the settlement neighborhood of Neve Yaacov, where a Palestinian armed with a pistol…

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