pregnant after a PMA course, she tells

After fighting against endometriosis, a former reality TV candidate has just announced nice news to her subscribers. She is pregnant !

His dream has come true. When she was diagnosed with endometriosis last year, Claire Tomek, participant in the reality show “10 perfect couples” in 2017, has just announced on her Instagram account that she is pregnant with her first child, after months fight against disease.

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This bubbly sports coach has decided to inform her subscribers by posting a profile photo of her and her spouse. He is shirtless, she in an open shirt, letting her rounded belly protrude. “Indeed we have put on weight. After the rain comes … the baby. I told you about my doubts, I shared my sadness, but also my dreams. I wrote light texts and sometimes deeper texts Behind each of my words, the inordinate desire to be 3. The conception of this first child was not a rosy period of my life. I will spare you the details, but the assisted reproduction treatment, the hormone injections , the guilt and all the bodily upheavals put our relationship to the test. It was hard for me, but also for him! “, can we first read in the caption.

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Heavy treatment

Endometriosis affects 1 in 10 women in France and can cause fertility problems for 30 to 40% of them. On January 1, Claire Tomek confided in her painful struggle by revealing that she had been diagnosed with the disease in 2020. Natural conception was not possible according to doctors.

A month later, she announced to turn to ART (medically assisted procreation) and undergo hormone injections. “Every day, at a fixed time, from the second day of the cycle, we must therefore prick ourselves in the stomach, with a pen and needles subcutaneously. It’s annoying and it hurts. The sting no, but the product yes! (…) Hello side effects, hormones what! Like having your period worse. I go from laughing to tears, but like big tears, no patience and I cry. I cry for everything! I cry for nothing “, she had explained in particular.

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Video by Clemence Chevallet

While she was due to undergo IVF in March, the young woman and her partner had the happiest news of their lives at the beginning of February. Happiness is yet to come, we congratulate them on this happy event!

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