Pregnant, she manifests with a powerful sign

In the United States, in Washington DC, the sign of a black woman brandished during a demonstration went around the Web.

Her name is Thema, she is 26 years old and has a beautiful round belly. On June 4, she posted a photo on her Instagram account showing her with a sign that she made herself, in the middle of a demonstration, loved more than 20,000 times since. The photo is powerful, but the words on its sign are even more so.

The United States has been ablaze for several weeks following the murder of Georges Floyd, a 46-year-old black American, who was killed by a white police officer when he was unarmed. The video of his murder has traveled the world and outraged hundreds of millions of people in all countries.

Thema, too, came to protest against police violence against black Americans, but also the systemic racism that they must face on a daily basis as a person of color. On his sign, Thema wrote "We do not have a baby for 9 months / Then suffer for 9 hours during childbirth / So that you finally kneel on their neck for 9 minutes. Black Lives Matter ”

A better life for her children

Beyond protesting against police violence and racism in his country, Thema aspires to a better and safer world for his future children, by directly appointing the police. "While this someone has sworn to protect and serve people of all colors, he can easily take our baby's life in nine minutes! Eight minutes and 46 seconds to be exact, without remorse or hesitation! is why I am here on the front line to defend our children ", she told TODAY newspaper.

Upset by the tragic death of Georges Floyd, she gives her opinion on the echo of his words. "The video of his death, where he is heard calling for his mother, will be forever etched in my head. I really believe that when Mr. Floyd called his mother, all the mothers were summoned, of all ages. ”

by Barbara Ejenguele