Pregnant, she shares the worst questions people ask her

Ah… those famous little peaks. Pregnant, we could do without it, but it seems that everyone has given themselves the word to say daily. A currently pregnant internet user blew out some ideas for answers to give when these arise in a conversation.

It is well known that when you are pregnant you hear all kinds of things. From the injunctions of society to the inappropriate remarks of a distant great aunt, everything goes. Sometimes it’s better to laugh about it. This is the bias taken by a pregnant woman, who shared with Internet users her tips for responding to these famous dreaded comments.

On Reddit, she explains that she is tired of hearing offensive remarks, even downright hurtful, from people close or less close. To do this, she graciously gave some honest and blunt answers, which have the knack of nailing the beak once and for all.

Inappropriate question: “Haven’t you felt the baby yet? You should have felt it already.”
Answer: “No, I didn’t feel it, do you mean the baby died in my womb?”

Inappropriate remark: “I never had nausea during my pregnancy!”
Answer: “It’s really great, I feel like throwing up even more now”

Inappropriate remark: “The longer your breastfeeding, the better your body will be”
Answer: “Ok, what if I’m one of the 60% of women who can’t breastfeed as long as they want? So I would be wrong?”

Inappropriate note: “Wow, your belly is so big, are you sure they’re not twins?”
Answer: “No, just one, but thanks for calling me fat!”

Remark moved: “I don’t like this first name”
Answer: “Okay, you can tell my baby when he grows up then”

Inappropriate note: “When I was pregnant I worked all the time”
Answer: “I am delighted for you, I guess I am a weak woman compared to you”

Inappropriate remark: “You really should sleep more, you won’t be able to sleep when the baby is here”
Answer: “Imagine I can’t sleep so I guess I’ll be a super tired bad mother”

Humor as a lifeline

To all those who have ever been pregnant, you will surely keep in mind a list of inappropriate remarks heard during your pregnancy. By detailing all the answers she gives, this Reddit user has launched a movement among Internet users, who have advised others. To the inappropriate remark about sleeping before baby arrives, one of them replied: “Thanks for the tip. I had planned to stay out partying all night. I might get an hour’s sleep. After 10 glasses of vodka, I still feel so tired. Or maybe I will. just have a cigarette and a coffee. It’ll wake me up. “ Another, when asked if she was persuaded to expect “just a baby,” replied: “Yes, I am 100% sure that technology has changed since the 1800s when it comes to ultrasound”, she writes.

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It is always exhausting to have to deal with thoughts like this, as if you can afford anything with a pregnant woman. If this mother-to-be has decided to take it as a joke, remember that some comments can still really hurt the person. Also, before you ever worry about the unborn baby, ask how mom is (and leave out the pungent and unnecessary thoughts aside).

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