Pregnant together: woman condemns man to carry “baby bump”

Shared sorrow …
Woman compels man to wear “baby bump”

Getting up with a baby bump? Easier in theory than in reality.


Because her husband makes fun of the heavily pregnant Cheryl taking so long to get up, he now has to wear a bowler hat and soccer ball in front of his stomach – and Cheryl quickly laughs.

Made one joke too many: The heavily pregnant Cheryl pushes through the day with a round baby bump – much to the amusement of her husband. Because he doesn’t understand why his pregnant wife seems to have so many problems with her new waist size, she just turns the tables – and makes her husband pant a lot.

Melon and soccer ball baby bump

A bowler hat tied in front of his stomach and a football should give the father-to-be a rough idea of ​​what his wife has to struggle with every day. You can see in the video how he quickly goes away from laughing.

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