Prelude to the FDP party congress: Lindner wants mild lockdown alternatives

Prelude to the FDP party congress
Lindner wants mild lockdown alternatives

FDP leader Lindner wants to sharpen the profile of his party as a defender of civil rights. The corona pandemic has shown: “When it comes to civil rights, you can rely on the Free Democrats.” Corona is dangerous, but the “sensitivity for freedom” has “withered” by the crisis.

At the start of the FDP federal party convention, party leader Christian Lindner recommended the liberals as guarantors for safeguarding civil rights even in times of the pandemic. The FDP is “always looking for milder alternatives to blanket lockdowns,” he said at the beginning of the three-day meeting. “The pandemic has proven one thing: When it comes to civil rights, you can rely on the Free Democrats.”

The policy of lockdown demanded a “high price”, said Lindner. “Civil rights are on the defensive.” The “sensitivity for freedom” was partially “stunted” in the pandemic, he criticized. “The exceptional situation has deformed the liberality of our country.” The FDP oppose this.

The FDP “never played down the dangers of the corona virus,” said Lindner. “It’s a dangerous disease.” However, the FDP sees “not only the risks to health”, but the consequences for society as a whole. “We feel for the people who fear for their existence, those who fear for their life’s work.” The FDP is “a party of state political responsibility and a party of the center,” said Lindner. “That distinguishes us from the parties on the left and the far right.”

Lindner: The emergency brake should be “modified”

The “interventions” of the FDP in the Corona policy “are having an effect,” said the FDP boss. He referred to the gradual lifting of the restrictions on fundamental rights. Lindner called on the federal government to “modify” the regulations of the nationwide Corona emergency brake and not to wait for the court ruling from Karlsruhe.

The focus of the party congress, which lasts until Sunday, is the re-election of party leader Christian Lindner and further elections to the presidium and board of directors and the adoption of the election program. Party vice-president Wolfgang Kubicki gave a speech in front of party leader Lindner.