Preservation fixed until 2025 – the maternity ward in Oberpullendorf will be retained

Breathe a sigh of relief among the staff at the Oberpullendorf Hospital, but also among many young couples who want to have children. The maternity ward at the site is secured at least until 2025. This was announced by the head of the country, Hans Peter Doskozil. After that, certain targets determine the future of the department.

“In the past few weeks I have had many discussions with experts and with those affected. This resulted in a decision that I am convinced will guarantee the security of supply for obstetrics throughout Burgenland, give the ward and its employees a fair chance to establish themselves in the long term, but also keep the focus on profitability, ”says Doskozil.

Fixed until 2025
What is certain is that babies will be born in Oberpullendorf by 2025, what happens after that depends on the targets set and whether these are achieved. This also applies to the Kinderwunsch-Institut, which Doskozil wants to position as a supraregional top offer.

The aim is to improve capacity utilization and thus profitability. There should also be improvements in the area of ​​midwives. Here, a cooperation with the hospital of the Barmherzigen Brüder in Eisenstadt is planned in order to secure the long-term supply of the northern and central parts of the Burgenland.

Own course of study
To this end, the state has launched a university of applied sciences course in Pinkafeld, which will offer the training of midwives for the first time from 2022. From 2025, Land and KRAGES will evaluate whether and to what extent the requirements could be met, and whether a continuation also makes economic sense.