Presidency of the Republicans: Aurélien Pradié, the candidate of a popular right

Alexandre Chauveau
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9:19 a.m., September 29, 2022

The campaign for the Republican presidency is underway. The ballot will take place on December 4 and 11. Three men are in the running, Éric Ciotti, Bruno Retailleau, and Aurélien Pradié. At 36, the latter partly embodies the new generation on the right and carries a more social line than his opponents.

Aurélien Pradié has little to lose in this campaign. Free electron at LR, he wants to take advantage of this election to make his mark politically. “It’s a very good school” he confides, he who will visit around fifty departments in three months. The deputy for Lot is also betting on federations that are a little less populated in terms of the number of members, but where the participation rate is very high. This is the case for example of the Dordogne, where more than 80% of the militants voted during the last congress.

For this, he will be helped by around twenty spokespersons, who will represent him in the forty or so departments where he will not be able to go.

The specter of division

The deputy for Lot cultivates a longer-term ambition. He recently declared himself in favor of televised debates against his two competitors, which moreover made Éric Ciotti and Bruno Retailleau cringe, without fear of reviving the specter of the division on the right. “When you get 5% in the presidential election, I don’t really see the risk you are taking” he quips.

Aurélien Pradié also and above all wants to weigh in on the party line, by investing in subjects that he believes are too neglected by LR, ecology, through the theme of water in particular, or the hyperconsumption society.

The bet of a more social line

The number 3 of the Republicans is betting on a line a little less focused on the sovereign than his opponents. He also recalls that the militants elected Christian Jacob at the head of the party three years ago, and preferred Valérie Pécresse to Éric Ciotti last year. He also regularly takes as a reference the victory of Jacques Chirac in 1995 on the theme of “social fracture”.

And as if to continue to mark his difference, Aurélien Pradié will vote against the pension reform in the Assembly. A reform however demanded by the right since 2017, but which the deputy of Lot finds unfair.

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