Presidency of the Republicans: the duel Ciotti – Pradié does not make people dream internally

Alexis de La Fontaine, edited by Alexis Rey-Millet

After the departure of Christian Jacob, president of the Les Républicains party since 2019, the battle over his succession is preparing. Since the renunciation of Laurent Wauquiez, a duel seems to emerge: the “radical” Eric Ciotti, deputy of the Alpes-Maritimes, facing the “social” Aurélien Pradié, deputy of the Lot.

The battle of the right is preparing as several candidates jostle to succeed Christian Jacob at the head of the Republicans. President of the party since 2019, the deputy of Seine-et-Marne retired in early July. After Laurent Wauquiez announced not to run, a duel emerged to obtain the presidency of the party: Eric Ciotti against Aurélien Pradié.

“These are candidates by proxy”

Eric Ciotti, deputy of the Alpes-Maritimes, is the first to embark on the battle. Finalist in the presidential primary and representative of the right wing of the party, he is a favorite. But Aurélien Pradié, a young deputy from Lot, intends to come and disrupt this coronation. Not yet a candidate, this representative of the new generation will announce his decision at the start of the school year.

The duel between the “radical” Ciotti and the “social” Pradié does not however dream internally. “These are candidates by proxy. Ciotti for Laurent Wauquiez and Pradié for Xavier Bertrand”, sighs a manager. Some are already imagining a more neutral third way, such as Bruno Retailleau, leader of the Les Républicains senators. Another possibility: a triple feminine alliance between the MEP Agnès Evren, Rachida Dati and the vice-president of the National Assembly, Annie Genevard.

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