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On Thursday, April 2, on the occasion of World Autism Awareness Day, the President of the Republic spoke live from the Élysée Palace by addressing a special message. Emmanuel Macron had announced that the exit conditions for people with disabilities are now relaxed.

The strict confinement breaks the benchmarks and the rhythm of the daily life of adults but even more so of children. Habits are completely upset. For World Autism Awareness Day, President Emmanuel Macron spoke to parents and people with disabilities.

"Your habits have changed, and you are a bit lost. You used to see people you knew well every day reassuring you ", says head of state in video posted on social media. "I know you only want one thing: get your life back […] For some of you, staying locked up at home is an ordeal ", recognized the President of the Republic.

Relaxation of exit restrictions

Faced with this delicate situation, the President of the Republic announced that people with disabilities will have the right to go out "a little more often". They can "to go to places usually visited, carrying reassuring marks " being accompanied by "their caregivers"." Thus, if your child has a disability, you will be able to accompany him outside, without time or place limit.

This measure is valid for all people with disabilities who meet "A worsening of their troubles due to confinement", they will be entitled to relaxation of containment. This arrangement concerns adults and children with autistic disorders, attention deficit disorders with or without hyperactivity, psychiatric impairment or even with intellectual impairment.

"For people with disabilities domiciled at home, their parents or relatives: their outings, either alone or accompanied, by car or not, are not limited to 1 hour, no constraints 1Km from home -to allow in particular to go to a place of change of scenery-, nor regulated in their frequency and purpose, as soon as the person or his companion justifies to the police a document attesting to the particular situation of disability. "

To note, this measure is not the subject of a dedicated certificate, but instructions are given to the prefects and the police of a specific consideration. As a reminder, a simplified and easier to understand certificate is available.

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Video by Clemence chevallet

by Suruthi SRIKUMAR