Presidential 2022 Florian Philippot’s car controlled at more than 170 km / h as he was going to vote

He was (too) in a hurry to go and vote. This Sunday, while driving to Forbach, in Moselle, to be able to exercise his duty as a citizen during the second round of the presidential election, Florian Philippot was checked at a speed of between 170 and 180 km/h on the A4 motorway, reports The Parisian.

The newspaper adds that the vehicle was immediately detained from the command post. The president of the Les Patriotes movement, who was not himself at the wheel of the car, and the driver, were then at the rest area of ​​Vrigny, in the Marne.

Contacted by The Parisian, Florian Philippot assured that his driver was going so fast because he himself was sleeping. The politician, however, admitted that such excessive speeding was “not good”. Florian Philippot added that he does not have a driving license, and that he then went to Forbach by train this Sunday to vote.

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It is in this city of Moselle that the president of the Patriots plans to stand in June for the legislative elections.

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