Presidential 2022 – Nathalie Arthaud and “Another world”: Culture, cinema and series seen by the candidate Lutte Ouvrière

For AlloCiné, the candidates for the 2022 presidential election reveal their vision of Culture, their tastes in political fiction and their favorite films and series. Today, Nathalie Arthaud, candidate of Lutte Ouvrière (LO).

Nathalie Arthaud


Shouldn’t Culture benefit from a sovereign ministry?

Culture should be a priority concern because it is essential to the development of every human being. But to have access to culture, you have to live and not survive like the 9 million people who live below the poverty line in this country, which is nonetheless rich. As long as, in capitalist society, culture is a market, it will remain reserved for the elites and those who still have the means to go to the cinema, to the theater, and even to travel around the world.

Is cinema necessarily a political art? What inspires you about the recovery that can be done around a work, such as “Bac Nord” recently?

I think that any writing, any work, any film is necessarily political because it is part of a society very marked by social division, inequalities, injustices; society that conveys its dominant values, its taboos, its taboos, its currents of majority opinion… When an artist bends over the creation of a work, whatever it is, he is impregnated with all of this, whether he wants detach from it or not, whether he wants to be in opposition or whether he doesn’t even think about it. Personally, I did not go to the cinema to see Bac Nord. I can therefore only speak about what I know: the violence of the police which is exerted in the districts against the young people, the racism which exists in this body of repression of the State, information which is of public notoriety.

Do cinema and series have, among other things, the vocation, in your opinion, of helping to “move the lines” on societal issues (parity, diversity, etc.)?

Cinematographic works or series, such as novels and literature, can, in my opinion, evoke all kinds of subjects. They reflect the concerns of the times in which they were created. And I completely understand that filmmakers want to seize this means of expression to fight against prejudice, to advance progressive ideas.

Candidate… and spectator

If we had to give a film or series title to this campaign…
Ridiculousness of Patrice Leconte. In many ways, this campaign is ridiculous. And also because the film tells the end of the reign of a parasitic social class finally overthrown by a revolution.

If you had to give a film or series title to your program…
Another World by Stéphane Brizé

A replica of a film or series that inspires you…
“The world falls into two categories, those who hold a loaded gun and those who dig.” (Clint Eastwood in The Good, the Bad and the Ugly)

A movie/series character that inspires you…
Norma Rae, main character of the film of the same name because she is a woman, a worker who discovers that it is possible to organize, white workers and black workers, together. By discovering the collective struggle, a whole world opens up for it. Thanks to her courage and determination, she manages to juggle her family life and her commitment by involving those who are close to her in her fight.

For which President·e on the screen would you have voted?
None because they are all like the presidents in office and because I am fighting to change this system.

The best political film?
Comme des Lions by Françoise Davisse, because it shows all the capacities and resources of which workers of all nationalities are capable, fighting together for their dignity and their lives.

The best political series?
Le Bureau des Légendes, for diving into the world of espionage and for Mathieu Kassovitz.

Your first memory as a spectator?
At the end of the 1980s, I remember being particularly marked by a film in episodes which was called Holocaust and which recounted Nazism, the policy of extermination of the Jewish and gypsy populations as well as of people considered to be handicapped. This had deeply marked and revolted me.

Your cult film?
Young Karl Marx by Raoul Peck

Your cult series?
The Mill, a British mini-series that relates the industrial revolution and the fight of the Chartist workers. I was very impressed by the courage of these working class women and men who managed to organize themselves to defend their right to vote and their right to exist. Many of the problems they encountered then and the way they solved them hold real lessons for us today, in our fight against the injustices of capitalism.

Your latest cinema/series crush?
It’s not a recent film, but recently I saw the film La Fille de Brest by Emmanuelle Bercot, a film which denounces the scandal of the mediator, the diktat of the pharmaceutical trusts protected by the private ownership of their patent and the secrecy commercial, with the complicity of state agencies, which are nevertheless responsible for controlling the quality and effectiveness of drugs. This film also recounts the courage and stubbornness of doctor Irène Frachon surrounded by a whole team.

Film/series music to work on or think about?
Amy movie music because I love Amy Winehouse songs.

Note from the Editor of AlloCiné

On the occasion of the Presidential Election 2022AlloCiné gives the floor to the twelve candidates involved in the race for the Elysée, with the collaboration of Camille Marigaux, Culture, Politics and International journalist at France Culture and RFI.

The same questionnaire was submitted to all the people in the running. We will post a candidate’s responses each day, in the order determined by the official draw. A thematic article, bringing together the responses and proposals of the various candidates on topics related to media chronology and piracy, will also be available on our site by April 8, 2022.

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