Presidential 2022 Price freeze, ban on glyphosate: Mélenchon wants to “change all agriculture”

Jean-Luc Mélenchon presented his program on food this Monday at a meeting in Bordeaux, saying he wanted to “change all agriculture so that it ceases to be hell for those who practice it, and nauseating” for consumers.

In front of the Femina Theater, where 3,000 people came according to La France insoumise, he laid down the principle underlying his measures on this subject: “harmony between human beings and with nature”, ie ecology.

The rebellious presidential candidate recalled that “a peasant commits suicide every day”, denounced the “ultra-concentrated farms” and “factory farms”. But also the “too sweet which means that each person absorbs 35 kg of sugar per year” and the “54 billion treatments” which result from it, the “glyphosate present in the urine of 99% of French people”, etc.

We want the bulk of agriculture to be oriented towards national organic production

Jean-Luc Melenchon

If he comes to power, “all agriculture will have to be changed, so that it ceases to be hell for those who practice it and nauseating” for consumers, thundered Jean-Luc Mélenchon.

He therefore summarized the main points of the “food plan” published on Monday: price freeze on five essential food products, immediate ban on glyphosate, agricultural planning to recruit better paid farmers, trained in organic farming and who will feed all the canteens of France, all within a “Ministry of Food Production” and no longer “of Agriculture”.

“We want most agriculture not to be oriented towards international markets but towards national organic production”, necessarily less “meat”, added the MP for Bouches-du-Rhône. “So yes it will cost more but we will increase salaries,” he said.

animal protection

L’Insoumis also mentioned animal suffering: “the brutalization of human beings leads to that of nature” and vice versa, so we must “liberate ourselves from a vision of the universe and of nature that chains us to brutalization “.
Mr. Mélenchon quipped: “We are told that all of this is for the little birds… The little birds are as useful as the big bundles!” “.

The human species has, according to him, a responsibility because “we are the ones most capable of understanding the fact that there are many things that we do not understand”: “to be humanist is to feel socially and ecologically indebted of all life”.

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