Presidential 2022: the American embassy advises its nationals to avoid the big cities this weekend

The American diplomatic representation in France warns against the risk of “terrorism” and “disorder of civil order”, but also against “gatherings” this Sunday “which could become violent”.

Spontaneous rallies in cities across France after 8 p.m. could turn violentafter the presidential election, warns the United States Embassy in France. In a note addressed to its nationals, the American administration also warns of the “potential risk of riots and clashes with policeafter the announcement of the results of the presidential election.

The embassy urged all its employees to avoid places of demonstrations this weekend by listing the major cities where large gatherings were expected, with the nature of the demands. In Lyon, for example, the demonstration on Saturday evening at Place Bellecour “against Macronwas reported by the embassy, ​​just like those of “antifas” in Strasbourg on the Place de la Gare.

Disturbances to civil order

In a previous note published on April 20, the American authorities warned this time about the risks of “terrorism” and of “civil unrest“. On the one hand, “terrorists can attack […] on tourist sites, in means of transport, shopping centers etc.”, warns the note. The other, “protests in Paris and major cities are expected to continue in the coming weeks“. “Material damage and in particular looting and arson occurred with assumed disregard for public safety“.

The American administration therefore advises its nationals in France to avoid traveling to Paris or other major cities in France on weekends. Interviewed by the regional daily nice morningthe American embassy in Paris indicated that the level 2 of “increased vigilance” (out of 4) decreed at the moment was constantly the same these days.

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