Presidential 2022: what changes the QR code on the electoral map?

A QR code now appears on the electoral card of new registrants for the presidential and legislative elections. In particular, it makes it possible to simplify all the administrative procedures related to the ballots.

With the Covid-19 pandemic, the use of QR codes has become particularly widespread in France. And thanks to the one that will now be on voters’ cards, new beneficiaries can, with a simple scan, be sent directly to the official website of the ministry dedicated to the elections.

Simplify procedures

Thus, it will be possible to find the nearest polling station, or to verify an electoral situation, or to register on the electoral lists. It will also be possible to make a power of attorney request, in one direction, as in the other.

The national voter number will be highlighted on this new card. It will now be necessary to establish a power of attorney. “This permanent number, unique and specific to each voter, is made up of 8 or 9 digits in the majority of cases”, recalls the ministry. It makes it possible to identify a voter among the “48 million registered voters”.

This QR code will also allow access to “content to understand the democratic role and purpose of the vote, the different types of elections organized in France, the competence of elected officials, etc …”, informs the ministry.

Nevertheless, it is necessary to remember that the voter’s card is not essential to vote, provided you are already registered on the electoral lists. A simple proof of identity (passport or national identity card) is enough to be authorized to slip his ballot into the ballot box.

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