Presidential: Anne Hildago seeks to revive in the North with Martine Aubry

Maximilien Carlier

The Socialist Party candidate is credited with 3% in the polls. She left to seek comfort in the North by finding Martine Aubry, the PS mayor. On the program: a short stroll through Lille Neige, a hip-hop show and a football match.

Will Anne Hidalgo relaunch her campaign? The socialist candidate appeared alongside Martine Aubry this Sunday afternoon when she was dropped by the boss of the PS in the department. A blow, but the mayor of Lille claims to be one of Anne Hidalgo’s strongest supporters for the presidential election.

“Anne does not offer us a La Redoute catalog of measures”

“She’s the right woman for France” underlines Martine Aubry. “France is doing very badly, we need to have answers from someone who is not in the incantation but in a social project. Anne does not offer us a catalog of the Redoute of measures, but a social project”. The socialist candidate appreciates this support and returns the same: “Martine Aubry” alone represents the history of socialism in the North.

“I am an absolute support of Anne except between 8:45 p.m. and 11 p.m.”

This Sunday afternoon, the two women strolled for a few moments in Lille Neige, a village with activities for residents who do not go on vacation. They attended a break dance show. In the evening, they will both attend the football match between Lille, champion of France and Paris-Saint-Germain. “I am an absolute supporter of Anne except between 8:45 p.m. and 11 p.m. It will be the only window that separates us in this campaign” laughs Martine Aubry.

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