Presidential election: Marine Le Pen wants to place herself above the political fray for 2027

Alexandre Chauveau / Photo credit: ED JONES / AFP

Marine Le Pen denounces a countless number of errors made by the government in the New Caledonia issue. The president of the RN group in the Assembly evokes a lack of anticipation and amateurism on the part of Emmanuel Macron. As on other subjects, Marine Le Pen seeks to place herself on the same level as the head of state.

On the issue of New Caledonia, Marine Le Pen pleads for a more global agreement and claims a form of wisdom on a hot topic. It is the same state of mind that drives her when she breaks on Tuesday with her German ally, the AfD, a party now considered too radical. Marine Le Pen thus attempts to appear as the most credible alternative possible, if not natural, to Emmanuel Macron. Thus, the three-time presidential candidate does not want to be reduced to uniting the rights that Eric Zemmour and Marion Maréchal are calling for.

“I have a vocation to be in a position that will make me the president of all French people”

“I am not here to unite the rights. I am not going to lock myself into a political camp. I have a vocation, if the French have this trust in me, to be in a position that will make me president of all French people”, explains Marine Le Pen at the microphone of the Great interview with Laurence Ferrari on Europe 1 this Wednesday.

Marine Le Pen’s new strategy is based on erasing the divisive aspects of her program, even if it means being accused of denial by her adversaries. Driven by the polls, she is now seeking to take on the role of president in an attempt to establish in public opinion the idea that her coming to power in 2027 would be obvious.

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