Presidential: Ile-de-France, too smooth showcase for Valérie Pécresse?

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Presidential Election 2022case

Faced with her rival Emmanuel Macron, whom she considers disconnected from the field, the regional president relies on her local balance sheet to carry out her national projects. His opponents castigate them, a penchant for com and results below announcements.

A game of mirrors. At the podium of a meeting, on a TV set or during a trip, Valérie Pécresse always puts on a double costume, one having to enhance the other. The first is that of a contender for the Elysee Palace who, after winning the LR primary, works on her image as a presidential candidate alongside the party caciques, in particular by displaying herself as the main rival of the president in place. The second corresponds to her term as LR president of the Ile-de-France region, a community with 12.2 million inhabitants and a GDP representing nearly a third of national wealth. A solid political machine. And a springboard for the presidential election?

Last spring, not yet officially a candidate, Pécresse already repeated it: “What I do for the region, I want for France.” From Jacques Chirac: the former president, elected in 1977 at the head of the capital, had made extensive use of the bastion of the town hall of Paris to conquer the Elysée in 1995, after a failure seven years earlier. The one who cultivates her Chiraquian filiation plays the same score. “I make

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