Presidential: in Bondy, Christiane Taubira lifts the mask a little more on her projects

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Presidential Election 2022case

Traveling to Bondy on Sunday, the former Minister of Justice announced that she would “accept the verdict” of the popular primary, which aims to bring out a single candidate on the left. Objective already burdened by the repeated refusals of Jadot, Roussel and Mélenchon.

Christiane Taubira is in a tent. A small crowd gathered around the (almost) presidential candidate. It is raining hard. The former Keeper of the Seals invited himself to the Bondy market (Seine-Saint-Denis) for two reasons. Sylvine Thomassin, who lost the city last year, is entitled to a second chance: the Council of State canceled the 2020 election for “Irregularities”. The Socialist united the left to hope to win the day. A revenge. The new ballot will take place on January 23 and 30. Victory is possible. An atmosphere that speaks to Christiane Taubira. It mixes the partial with the presidential. The Guyanese still hopes to bring together a piece of the left to conquer the country.

In December, in a video, she gave a date to the curious: “There are applications from people of great value for whom I have respect and friendship, but I see the impasse. I will not be another candidate. I will put all my strength into the last chances of union. See you in mid-January. ” The date is coming. In recent weeks, the former minister has toured the country without saying more about his strategy and his project. Sunday, in Bondy, she took another step. A small veil of fog has lifted in the rain. “I accept

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