Presidential: “Valérie Pécresse could not win without the UDI”

Manon Fossat
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09:18, January 26, 2022

On Europe Matin on Wednesday, the deputy and president of the UDI Jean-Christophe Lagarde returned to the alliance of the centrist party with the candidate LR in the presidential election. He assured that part of the UDI program has been taken over by Valérie Pécresse and that the latter cannot win without the centrists.

The LR candidate for the presidential election Valérie Pécresse counts among her allies for next April the centrist party. Invited to Europe Matin on Wednesday, its president Jean-Christophe Lagarde assured that part of the UDI program has been taken over by the latter and that their two parties complement each other. Without this, he felt that the president of the Ile-de-France region “could not win”.

“We have taken the time to build this alliance. Over the past five years, the UDI has won its independence through a number of political battles. It was not easy to support Valérie Pécresse at the end of primary,” he said. “We discussed for a month and a half, she wanted it to be an alliance on a project and so did we. And today there is part of the UDI program which is taken over by Valérie Pécresse”, continued the centrist deputy before citing several examples. “His slogan on Europe ‘A strong France in a powerful Europe’ is my slogan for 2019. There is also the proposal on the carbon tax at the borders, which is absolutely essential.”

“We are completing Valérie Pécresse’s project”

Jean-Christophe Lagarde assured it, the program of Valérie Pécresse is compatible with the centrist line. “The line of restoring authority, fighting immigration – which we wouldn’t choose – and a strong state, I’ve never been weak on that. I want a strong state because it’s is the only way to protect the weak”, further affirmed the president of the UDI. “But what I didn’t really appreciate in this Republican primary is that there was a focus only on sovereign subjects. And I have good news for the French, if not If only these subjects were a problem, it would be great for the country.”

According to him, it is obvious that Valérie Pécresse needs the centrists to win the presidential election. “We are completing the project. It is not 100% the UDI project, otherwise I would have been a candidate. But I think that without us she could not win for a simple reason: the only times a candidate from the right and from the center won, it was when he knew how to bring the two together and that’s what Valérie Pécresse knew how to do.”

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