Presidential: what still makes small candidates run?

Arthur de Laborde edited by Wassila Belhacine
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11:01 a.m., April 08, 2022

Not everyone is aiming for the same issues for the presidential election. While some aspire to the supreme office, other contenders would just like to be reimbursed for their campaign expenses. These are supported from a score of 5%. But will all the small candidates achieve this result? Explanations with Europe 1.

For the small candidates in the presidential election, like Phillipe Poutou or Nathalie Artaud who for the moment collects less than 5% of the voting intentions, the hope, if not elected, lies in the fact to reach 5% of the vote in order to obtain reimbursement of campaign expenses.

Yannick Jadot well placed to reach 5%

Some are closer to this goal than others. Indeed, despite a dynamic at half mast, Yannick Jadot, candidate for Europe Ecologie Les Verts, can believe it. It seems best placed to reach this famous threshold of 5%. Until now, only Noël Mamère, an ecologist candidate during the 2002 presidential election, had succeeded in doing so.

An arduous task for Anne Hidalgo or Nicolas Dupont-Aignan

For the other candidates, the matter seems more complicated. Credited on average with 4% of the voting intentions, Fabien Roussel will have to grab an additional point. The task will be more difficult for Nicolas Dupont-Aignan. The candidate Debout la France had narrowly failed five years ago and today he is less than 2% in the polls. The same scenario plays out for Anne Hidalgo.

If such an electoral shipwreck is confirmed, it will raise the question of the survival of the Socialist Party. The mission is almost impossible for Jean Lassalle, he who has also set himself the objective of exceeding 5%. Finally, except for a huge twist, Philippe Poutou and Nathalie Artaud will not obtain reimbursement of their campaign expenses, a fact anticipated by the two Trotskyist candidates. Those who advocate revolution still need elections to make themselves heard.

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