Press comments on the F1 title fight: “The most brutal overtaking maneuver of the year”

Press comments on the F1 title fight
“The most brutal overtaking maneuver of the year”


“Guardian”: “For once, the French Grand Prix was the stuff of great legends. A titanic battle that had it all when the two top teams and their two best drivers tied the horns over the entire race distance at Paul Ricard . Max Verstappen and Red Bull prevailed after a race that rocked back and forth. “

“Daily Mail”: “Verstappen crowned a thrilling comeback in an exciting showdown between the two title rivals in Paul Ricard. For the first time since 2014, Mercedes is under so much pressure that the tires squealed on Sunday. The super team withered in the full, glorious, white heat It was a breathtaking race on the Paul Ricard Circuit, and Lewis Hamilton drove brilliantly. In fact, the Briton was so good that he almost dug the command post out of the deep hole it dug for himself. “

“Sun”: “Verstappen wins after an overtaking maneuver on the penultimate lap in a thriller. Mercedes and Red Bull took different approaches at the pit stop, but the Briton’s flagging tires let him down in the end when his Dutch rival overtook him after a brilliant climb The fact that the afternoon was a brilliant testimony to Red Bull’s strategic skill and a condemnation of the tangled, messy, flawed thinking of Mercedes couldn’t be masked. “


“Gazzetta dello Sport”: “Red Bull wind is blowing over France. Verstappen is too strong, Hamilton has to surrender to him. The Brit was defeated in a Mercedes stronghold. Is that the turning point of this World Cup? Verstappen’s victory is an alarm signal for Mercedes, the wind could have turned. “

“Corriere dello Sport”: “Max is the new Hamilton. He has extraordinary confidence in his abilities and in those of the team. He retains control of the situation even in the most difficult of situations. The boredom of a Formula 1 tailor-made for Mercedes is over.”

“Tuttosport”: “Too much Red Bull for Hamilton. Now Verstappen is dreaming of a World Cup victory. Ferrari experienced a black day when nothing went as it should have.”

“Corriere della Sera”: “Formula Max scares Hamilton. Hamilton, who fights for victory to the last and is surmounted by Verstappen, is the heroic image of a driver who is not used to fighting so hard to stay at the top. When Verstappen is in good shape, he can’t be stopped. “

“La Repubblica”: “Max, le Roi! With a phenomenal overtaking maneuver, Verstappen humiliates the absolute World Cup ruler Hamilton. The Dutchman conquers France with brutality and intelligence.”


“AD”: “Verstappen makes a statement: Ready for the world championship title on all fronts! Max Verstappen and his team have the momentum of the fascinating Formula 1 season on their side. The road is long, the differences minimal. And yet the signs stand for the world title on green. “


“Kronenzeitung”: “Dramatic finish! Verstappen duped Hamilton. He has conquered another piece of” Mercedes-Land “! The Red Bull superstar took victory after a dramatic comeback. And so it is clear: In the next two weeks Spielberg will be Mega spectacle! “


“Look”: “Verstappen extends his World Championship lead! The Dutchman beats Lewis Hamilton at Le Castellet shortly before the end. Red Bull triumphs with the better strategy. The World Championship duel grabs the spectators from start to finish!”


“Marca”: “Verstappen grabbed Hamilton and did everything in his power to win the World Cup. Verstappen’s impressive victory over the Englishman, which he overtook in the penultimate lap. Ferrari went under. Vettel finished ninth in France and scored important points for his team . Verstappen was looking for the duel with Hamilton. It was the most brutal overtaking maneuver of the year. The Briton has to be careful, because Verstappen pulls up and away. “

“As”: “Hamilton is no longer the boss. Verstappen beats Hamilton two laps before the checkered flag with an overtaking maneuver, Perez completes the podium. Hamilton is the big loser in France. Red Bull risked a lot with Verstappen’s tire change twenty laps before the end. Verstappen is serious about it Fight for the world title. Vettel is still improving. “

“Sports”: “A moral blow from Verstappen in France. The Dutchman takes his third win of the current season at the Paul Ricard circuit. An immense success for Verstappen on Mercedes territory. The Dutchman underlines that his candidacy for the title is more solid than ever This World Cup seems to be really exciting. “

“Mundo Deportivo”: “Verstappen wins against Hamilton after a big battle towards the end! The Dutchman prevails after a spectacular race to catch up. That was a real championship duel. Formula 1 is now more balanced than ever. Finally there is another exciting championship fight.”