Pretty deep – Model U? Here a Tesla drives under water

Driving into floods by car is generally not a good idea unless you are sitting in an off-road vehicle with a high fording depth. But apparently at least Tesla’s electric cars can cope well with water masses – as this video shows …

Here, a Tesla Model S in the US state of Giorgia drives through water so deep that only the windows and the roof peek out. Neither the drive nor the high-voltage battery seem to be damaged. Tesla boss Elon Musk recently confirmed that his vehicles are very well sealed. The effect that an infected hair dryer has in the bathtub is apparently not to be feared.

Cars with internal combustion engines have much bigger problems in the water. Your engines need air to burn. If water enters the cylinder through the corresponding intake ducts, this means engine damage immediately, because, unlike a fuel-air mixture, water cannot be compressed.

What the interior of the Tesla looks like after driving through it, i.e. whether the door rubbers have also held tight, is not known. It would have been better to get out of the water before the doors were opened. How the driver got into the situation or why he or she took the drive through remains a mystery.

There are more videos circulating of Teslas driving through deep water, if not that deep.