Prevent lockdown – doctors appeal: “Get vaccinated!”

“Don’t be blinded by statistics and the summer slump”
Primarius Zink: “We mustn’t allow ourselves to be blinded by some statistical figures and the summer slump. Vaccination against this insidious disease is vital, regardless of the vaccine! The virus does not stop at elderly people or young people! Not to mention long-term effects! ”He adds:“ Unfortunately, as treating doctors on our wards, we have had to experience for months how people without serious previous illnesses and with a sporty nature later have to fight for a little air with broken organs. ”

“Preventing the fourth wave”
According to doctors, a vaccination protects almost everyone from infection or possible transmission of the disease. At least, however, based on previous experience, it is even more likely to mitigate an otherwise difficult course and thus prevent hospital or intensive care. “” We also want a fourth wave, for example through the more contagious Delta variant, and a new lockdown prevent!”