Preview: “At home in the mountains: shoulder to shoulder” in the first

8:15 p.m., Das Erste, At home in the mountains: shoulder to shoulder, family drama

One helps the other – that is the unwritten law of the mountain farmers. When the neighboring Wenningers (Peter Kremer, Petra Zieser) threaten to lose their farm, Georg Leitner (Thomas Unger) wants to step into the breach. Even though expensive investments are pending for his dairy farm and costs are escalating, he wants to help in any way he can. His brother Florian (Matthi Faust) also needs money now of all times to become a new investor in the Walserhof. He wants Lisa (Theresa Scholze) to fulfill her lifelong dream. However, Florian has no idea that it is also about their future together as a couple.

8:15 p.m., ZDF, Der Alte: The Road to Freedom, crime series

The murder of journalist Maren Heppner (Sonia Hausseguy) poses a number of puzzles for Caspar Bergmann (Thomas Heinze) and his team: the murder weapon, a kettle, is quickly identified, but the laptop and cell phone are missing. Did her murderer want to destroy evidence? In any case, Heppner’s shoes stained with clay and a cryptic note indicate that she was currently doing intensive research. However, Heppner’s writing partner, Jakob Zeppelin (Max von Thun), can’t make sense of it. Because he has been taking a spa treatment in the past few weeks, he doesn’t know what his colleague could have been researching.

8:15 p.m., ProSieben, Bumblebee, Action

There is war on the Autobots’ planet, which is why Optimus Prime sends the Transformer B-127 to Earth to open a new base. Once there, he meets soldiers and an enemy Decepticon and has to hide in a scrapyard disguised as a VW Beetle. There he is found by student Charlie (Hailee Steinfeld), who soon discovers that there is more to her Bumblebee than an ordinary car.

8:15 p.m., RTL two, 22 Jump Street, action comedy

A new designer drug is making the rounds at college and has already claimed its first fatality. Cops Schmidt (Jonah Hill) and Jenko (Channing Tatum) investigate undercover. But they also begin to give in to different temptations of college life.

9:15 p.m., ZDF, Last Trace Berlin: The White Noise, crime series

For vocational school teacher Tom Schreiber, it is an ardent wish to adopt Henri, his wife Jana’s son. Nevertheless, he disappears before the family court hearing. Oliver Radek and his team initially believe that Kilian Hein, one of Schreiber’s students, is responsible for his disappearance. But then there are increasing signs that the teacher was leading a double life.


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