Preview: Comedy “Dreiraumwohnung” on ZDF

Comedy “Dreiraumwohnung” on ZDF

“Three-room apartment”: When it comes to decorating the living room, the beige-loving Konstanze (Anja Kling, l.) Reaches her limits with the pink-loving Jackie (Carol Schuler).

© ZDF and W&B Television / Jonatha

In “Dreiraumwohnung” (ZDF) an orderly doctor receives an uninvited visit. The first pulls in “Impatient, dissatisfied, disagreed?” Balance at the end of the Merkel era. And this time “Bauer sucht Frau International” (RTL) is going to Hungary.

8:15 p.m., ZDF, three-room apartment, comedy

Perfectionist meets chaos queen. Konstanze (Anja Kling) receives a visit from the lively Jackie (Carol Schuler) and her three children – and she won’t get rid of the gang anytime soon. The almost forgotten rehab acquaintance has water damage in her apartment. The surprised Konstanze offers shelter. And soon no stone will be left unturned in your villa, and in the fridge you will find fast food instead of organic.

20:15, The first, impatient, dissatisfied, disagreed ?, documentary

After 16 years under Angela Merkel’s chancellorship, the country looks tired. The climate strikes of the schoolchildren, the large peasant demonstrations, but also anti-corona protests suggest a growing dissatisfaction of the population with government and politics. Many believe that the grand coalition under Angela Merkel postponed fundamental reforms and failed to resolve many social conflicts. The fear of a division in society is growing. But is the impression correct?

8:15 p.m., Sat.1, Celebrity Big Brother, reality show

One small step for a celebrity, one big step for Big Brother. At the biggest reality live event of the summer, the celebrities are in space this year. What challenges will they still have to face under 24-hour camera surveillance? Marlene Lufen and Jochen Schropp moderate the daily shows from Cologne.

8:15 p.m., ONE, out, drama

“Our world is screwed because the wrong people are on the trigger!” That is Glocke’s (Matti Schmidt-Schaller) view of things. At least for the moment. He tries to be an activist – against capitalism, against injustice in the world, for nature conservation and against animal experiments. But basically it’s all about impressing a girl. For example, when he set fire to a luxury car. Unfortunately, Glocke is caught and filmed. He can escape, but the images of his unsuccessful heroic deed go through the net.

8:15 p.m., RTL, farmer is looking for a woman International, Kuppelsoap

Another day starts very early at Herbert’s Westernhof in Hungary. It is not without ulterior motives that the 55-year-old surprises his two ladies-in-waiting in their log cabin with a cup of coffee so that they can see them without make-up. For today, repairs to a roof are on the agenda. But of course Petra and Ilka want to look great and style themselves quickly while Herbert waits outside in the cold.