Preview: Comedy “Wrinkle-Free” in the first

Comedy “Wrinkle Free” in the first

“Wrinkle-free”: Stella Martin (Adele Neuhauser) is cult in the beauty industry, her beauty products are in great demand.

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In “Wrinkle Free” (Das Erste), the beauty expert Stella can hear the thoughts of her fellow human beings after an accident. Detective “Wilsberg” (ZDFneo) is looking for his missing colleague. Later, the couple therapist “Kranitz” (NDR) has a hip influencer duo on the couch.

8:15 p.m., The First, Wrinkle-Free, Comedy

Stella Martin (Adele Neuhauser) is cult in the beauty industry, the products of her “wrinkle-free” line are in great demand. However, the long-term success made Stella a cynical alpha woman. When she learns that her husband Georg (Thomas Limpinsel) is supposed to be having a relationship with a younger girl, Stella crosses the street in shock, collides with a cyclist and suffers a concussion. The only way out of her dilemma: cosmetic surgery with complete restoration. But since Stella does not mention that she is still on painkillers, the anesthesia does not work and Stella also falls from the operating table. And suddenly she can hear what other people think of her.

20:15, ZDFneo, Wilsberg – Stallion parade, crime thriller

Richard Breiderhoff (Hannes Wegener) is charged with killing his wife. Meanwhile, Anna Springer (Rita Russek) has a blind date with Richard’s brother. However, this one has evil in mind. When Anna finds out who he really is, he locks him up in a cellar. Karsten (Peter Davor) urges her to call Georg Wilsberg (Leonard Lansink) so that Richard can prove his innocence. Wilsberg immediately notices that Anna is in danger and starts looking for the hiding place.

8:15 p.m., Sat.1, wedding at first sight, cupboard soap

Singles willing to marry dare the “wedding at first sight” and want to say yes to an unknown partner. Then the getting to know each other begins: How is the honeymoon going? How does the couple fare in everyday life? After a few weeks spent together, they have to decide in the presence of all the other participants: stay together or divorce? The experiment is accompanied by the experienced trio of experts Dr. Sandra Köhldorfer, Beate Quinn and Markus Ernst.

8:15 pm, cable one, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, love action comedy

The marriage between John (Brad Pitt) and Jane Smith (Angelina Jolie) is a bit rusty after six years. Even couples therapy does not seem to be able to save the relationship. Do their extraordinary secrets have anything to do with their failed marriage? Because John and Jane are professional killers and work for different clients. When the truth suddenly emerges, the two are pitted against each other and a bitter war of the roses begins.

11:00 p.m., NDR, Kranitz – Money back in case of separation, comedy series

“T’n’T: Tom” (Bjarne Meisel) and “Bro” Toto (Gustav Schmidt) have always been friends and are now a hip, up-and-coming influencer couple. The two expect a cool show for their channel from a visit to the couples therapist. But Kranitz (Jan Georg Schütte) also sees his chance and challenges both of them to a bet, through which the two discover completely new sides of themselves.


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