Preview: Commissioner Mohn investigates in “In Truth”

Commissioner Mohn investigates in “In Truth”

“In truth: In a different life”: Chief Inspector Judith Mohn (Christina Hecke) meets the main suspect Arno Biewer (Milton Welsh).

© ZDF / Andrea Enderlein

On ZDF, Commissioner Mohn is looking for a sex offender in “In Truth”. In “The Lego Movie 2” (Sat.1) the clumsy Emmet goes on a rescue mission in space. And “The Ultimate Chart Show” (RTL) is about scandalous hits.

8:15 p.m., ZDF, In truth: In another life, crime thriller

The police in Saarlouis are called to the gynecological department of the clinic. A woman was made defenseless with knockout drops and raped. The name of the victim: Barbara Falk (Anja Kling). The special thing about it: It happened in her own house, in her own bedroom. Judith Mohn (Christina Hecke), the investigating commissioner, is upset when she arrives at the scene and the questioning of the victim is already in full swing.

8:15 pm, The first, Do you understand fun? – Special, show

This time Guido Cantz reports from the beautiful Chiemsee and presents the summer edition of the Saturday evening show in front of the perfect holiday backdrop. In the special, the 20 funniest films with the hidden camera from last year are again on the program – including lots of highlights in which celebrities were either used as decoys or were lured into a trap themselves.

20:15, Sat.1, The Lego Movie 2, digital trick adventure

The once lively Lego world is now a bleak picture. Nothing is the same as it used to be. As if that wasn’t enough, the attackers bring Emmet’s friends under their control, whereupon the construction worker embarks on a daring adventure. Together with Rex, he tries to prevent a forced marriage between Batman and an alien queen, because he thinks that he can save everyone from the “box of oblivion”. But the downfall is imminent.

8:15 p.m., ProSieben, What Men Want, Comedy

When the sports manager Ali Davis (Taraji P. Henson) is once again passed over by her boss in favor of a man, she falls into a deep hole. After a visit to a fortune teller and a blow on the head, however, luck is on her side: the ambitious business woman can suddenly read the minds of men. Determined to show her boss, she makes use of her new ability.

20:15, RTL, The Ultimate Chart Show LIVE – The most successful scandal hits, music show

“The Ultimate Chart Show” comes of age. RTL is celebrating the live event with the most scandalous hits of all time for its 18th birthday! At Oliver Geissen, great and crazy guests let it rip today – and they sing their most sensational hits again. Geissen talks to Evelyn Burdecki and Olivia Jones about which scandal stories are still shocking today and which are not. Show acts include Peter Maffay and Ross Antony.