PREVIEW Dragon’s Dogma 2: impossible to let go of the controller…

During 2012, owners of a PS3 and Xbox 360 saw a brand new license hit the shelves, Dragon’s Dogma, an explosive action game that has left its mark. More than 10 years later, Capcom made the decision to release a sequel and took advantage of the current event, the Tokyo Game Show 2023to reveal the beast a little more to the public and journalists. For our part, we had the chance to play it for a good hour, it’s time to tell you about it!

Simply divine!

Dragon's Dogma 2 36 21 09 2023We are in front of the screen and it must be said that the graphics are enough to titillate. It’s beautiful, it’s crowded with various elements, the image is fine, it’s very pleasing to the eye. We are immersed in an open world where fauna and flora reign supreme, with environments in perpetual motion. The light shows were able to slap us in the face. The developers have thought of everything to titillate the player… In an extremely dark cave, we progress blindly. Creatures come against us, a battle begins. The sparks from the blades and the magic of our companions illuminate the place, it’s breathtaking. Additionally, we played it at high resolution, which influenced the frame rate. There may be slight slowdowns, not at all disturbing as the adventure is gripping, but there is no doubt that various visual options will be accessible in the settings. To be continued.

On the handling side, we must assimilate all the subtleties and commands of our character. Indeed, various classes are available, and each hero has his own gameplay. We had access to WarriorAt Thief et al’Archer. The first has rather slow movements; at the same time, he wears really heavy armor. His attacks may lack speed, but deal significant damage to opponents. THE Thief, he is very quickly in the movements. He has the ability to climb on gigantic enemies to unbalance them. Its defense isn’t great, so you often have to dodge and counterattack to put a creature down. The last one, theArcher, is perfect for defending your companions from a distance. He can launch one or more arrows at a time, and destabilize a pest to leave the field clear for our friends. Honestly, we loved the Thief because he is very agile and lively.

During a confrontation, we can initiate light or heavy offensives. His attacks can be combined with a comrade’s skill; like magic to obtain flaming blades. By holding down a trigger at the same time, we can unleash devastating attacks. In other words, the player will have the choice to have fun.

Adventure with a capital A, can’t wait!

Dragon's Dogma 2 27 21 09 2023In addition, there is an exploration part in a gigantic world to discover. During our escapades, we were able to come across villagers, monsters, animals… These phases are important for finding objects and other utensils and equipment, in order to boost the characteristics of our protagonist : classic in short. Finally, an endurance bar is present and provides a bit of challenge during a melee. Our hero is running out of steam, so we have to manage all of this so as not to stun him.

A question you can ask yourself: is artificial intelligence good? Well yes. Our sidekicks don’t seem to lack neurons, understand the nasty things around them, know how to handle themselves in the event of a problem, In short, it’s perfect at first glance. Quickly, we went to the options to switch the title to French. From what we’ve seen, the translation is really good. As for the music, it’s excellence in our ears. The notes are soft and calming as we drag our feet, they flare and panic during conflict, and the epic invites itself into our ears when an important creature makes its entrance. Simply divine!

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It was hard to let go of the controller. To be frank, we didn’t expect anything, a simple title that has no charm, but in the end, we took a good slap in the face and we didn’t see the minutes tick by. The handling is well thought out, the chants are exciting, the universe is captivating… How can you not fall in love with Dragon’s Dogma 2? One hour was not enough and, as you will have understood, we are really looking forward to discovering the kingdom of Vermund and its surroundings in more depth. Adventure with a capital A, can’t wait!

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