Preview: Drama “Queen of the Night” in the First

Drama “Queen of the Night” in the First

“Queen of the Night”: When Inge (Silke Bodenbender) gets ready for the job, it’s like a transition from one life to the other.

© SWR / Alexander Kluge

In “Queen of the Night” (Das Erste) a peasant woman prostitutes herself to save her farm. Horst Lichter takes a look at rare finds on “Bares für Rares” (ZDF). Angelina Jolie and Denzel Washington are chasing a killer in “The Bone Hunter” (kabel eins).

8:15 pm, The First, Queen of the Night, Drama

Inga (Silke Bodenbender) and Ludwig (Peter Schneider) are farmers in the Black Forest with dairy cows and a cheese dairy. Everything organic, everything of the highest quality. Despite the hard work, it is a full life with two children. If it weren’t for the financial situation. The debts are overwhelming and Inga decides to look for a part-time job. When the opportunity arose to start with an escort service, the couple decided together that Inga would get involved. Now you can book them discreetly, stylishly and clearly for certain hours. Less time, more money – the plan works. Until one of Inga’s customers falls in love with her.

8:15 p.m., ZDF, cash for rares, junk show

At Johannisberg Castle in the Rheingau, Horst Lichter welcomes people who want to sell strange little things and fabulous treasures. He receives reinforcement from experts and dealers. As prominent owners of beautiful things, this time Jana Ina and Giovanni Zarrella are offering an object that they once acquired together, but hardly used. Now especially Jana Ina would like to sell it. Will Giovanni be able to part with the good piece?

8:15 p.m., RTL, The Bachelorette, dome show

The bachelorette receives support from home on her love journey! Her mother and best friend have traveled to Greece and are carefully examining all the remaining men. Then the tables are turned: on one-off dates, Maxime gets to know the men’s families through video calls – and gets closer and closer to the love aspirants. But not all of them will hold a rose in their hands after the next decision.

8:15 p.m., Kabel eins, The Bone Hunter, Thriller

Once he was the best expert on forensics at New York Homicide, now he is plagued by suicidal thoughts. After an accident at work, Lincoln Rhyme (Denzel Washington) is paraplegic and can only move his head and left index finger. Only when his ex-colleagues ask him for help in the hunt for a mysterious killer does he gain new courage to face life. A brutal murder was committed in a train tunnel, in which the perpetrator apparently deliberately left various traces and clues.

8:15 p.m., ZDFneo, Wilsberg: The money of others, crime thriller

No sooner has Wilsberg (Leonard Lansink) made a small profit by selling a rarity than two masked burglars steal the money. But Wilsberg doesn’t let that sit on himself. He wants to get his money back on his own and goes after the intruders. But before Wilsberg can confront her, one of the two is found dead. The pressure on Wilsberg increases because he is the focus of investigations by Springer (Rita Russek) and Overbeck (Roland Jankowsky).