PREVIEW F1 23: Precision Drive to survive (and not slip)

Next month will come out F1 23the new annual racing game fromEA Games And Codemasters. For this edition, the studios have obviously brought several new features, but also improvements. We had the opportunity to try the title for a few rounds in time trials and Grand Prize in order to discover the changes made to the gameplay.

This first brief approach to F1 23 is something to reassure fans.

If the 2022 season had introduced brand new regulations with very different single-seaters from previous years, the changes are much fewer in reality for the 2023 season. The developers have therefore focused on making driving more realistic, whether side of braking or accelerating out of corners. And casually, from what we could see, at the joystick DualSense and so far it works fine. The sensations are captivating, the car sticks to the track, the player manages to really feel the grip gums on the asphalt and the re-acceleration is done a little more easily.

Of course, the car still loses the rear if the steering aids are deactivated and if the accelerator pedal (the button R2/RT) is too deep, but it is now more realistic, it is now much easier to know when the car is going to spin, and thus manage the dosage of acceleration to perfection. THE Formula 1 are heavy and powerful, it’s always a little bit of a hand to take, but they grip perfectly to the track and more players will probably be able to do without pilot aids to have more realistic and satisfying sensations. From that side, it’s finally nice to have a single-seater that has grip and responds to the finger and the eye.

In addition to this, the developers have introduced technology Precision Drivealways with the aim of improving the gameplay at the joystick and bring it closer to sensations with a steering wheel and pedals. Let’s be clear, a controller will never replace these expensive peripherals, but again, the idea is laudable and works. This goes through a lot of parameters to adjust the dead zones of the triggers for the accelerator and the brake, but also for the left joystick used to turn the steering wheel. It’s very sensitive and not necessarily easy to see the difference at the first change, but between these settings and the force feedback of the triggers of the DualSense, the sensations are a little more realistic on the controllerbut the steering wheels are not ready to be replaced.

Our first impressions: Good.

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This first brief approach to F1 23 is something to reassure fans, Codemasters listened to the criticisms made at the gameplay of the previous installment and has made changes and improvements that are going well. The single-seaters, still just as heavy, now stick much more to the track, handling is thus more realistic and re-acceleration when exiting corners is less tense without driving aids. We now wait to see the other elements of the racing game, but it is on track to seduce fans of Formula 1.

You can pre-order F1 23 Champions Edition at €89.99 on Amazon.

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