PREVIEW Forspoken: hard to let go of the controller

Luminous Productionshome studio Square-Enixis in the process of designing a brand new license that has been tickling players for several weeks, Forspoken. Visually stunning, gameplay electric, charismatic heroine, there is enough to make you want to succumb to such a production which, by the way, will see the light of day on PS5 and PC. We had the chance to try the title for a few minutes… Average game in sight or big slap?

Even if it is only a demo, it must be said that the visual part is extremely neat. The environments are superb, the play of light is impressive and life prowls around. As this is a universe where exploration is king, we were afraid of one point: the clipping. Well, don’t panic, there is none! The horizon is impeccable and does not move one iota, there are no elements that jump out at you without warning. And it feels good.

We are completely under the spell.

On the grip side, it’s extremely dynamic. We can switch from one weapon to another quickly and easily, without giving opponents a break. At first glance, we had a slight feeling of not controlling anything and yet the developers thought of a character who controls himself in various ways. Thus, we can enter the heap by chaining offensives or play it safe by asking ourselves 2 minutes to put down the enemies intelligently. It is certain that as the game progresses, it will become more and more difficult over the course of the adventure and thatyou will therefore have to use your neurons to move forward rather than hammering a button without actually using your brain

The trial version was short but intense and gave us a little taste of what will be Forspoken. For the moment, we are completely under the spell. The exploration is well thought out, the grip during the clashes is impeccablenow we have several questions in mind… What about the evolution of the lovely Frey ? Will the story hold us in suspense until the final credits? Will the environments be varied? Either way, we can’t wait!

forspoken is pre-order on Amazon at €74.99.

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