Preview: “In aller Freundschaft: Suspicions” on Das Erste

“In All Friendship: Suspicions” on the First

“In All Friendship: Suspected Cases”: Dr. Kathrin Globisch (Andrea Kathrin Loewig, r.) is amazed at how brave Olivia (Elsa Gluth) is during the examination.

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In “In aller Freundschaft” (Das Erste), a father is suspected of abuse. On ProSieben, Joko and Klaas are fighting for airtime again. In “Landkrimi: Steirerwut” (3Sat), the death of a mountain farmer with many enemies keeps the investigators busy.

8:15 p.m., Das Erste, In aller Freundschaft: Suspected cases, hospital series

Nine-year-old Olivia Staiger (Elsa Gluth) is brought to the Sachsenklinik by her father Claas (Alexander Gier) with an open forearm fracture and has to be operated on immediately. During the first examination, Kathrin (Andrea Kathrin Loewig) notices several older injuries on Olivia. Suspicion of abuse by her father quickly arises. Despite Kathrin’s skepticism, Maria calls in the youth welfare office. Meanwhile, Olivia’s health deteriorates.

8:15 p.m., ProSieben, Joko & Klaas against ProSieben, Show

ProSieben sends Collien Ulmen-Fernandes, Johannes Strate, Jochen Schropp and Christian Düren into the race against its two employees Joko Winterscheidt and Klaas Heufer-Umlauf. If ProSieben wins, Joko and Klaas must put themselves at the service of their employer without reservation. If Joko and Klaas triumph, ProSieben will vacate its prime time the following day and give the two 15 minutes of live broadcasting time to use as they wish.

20:15, 3Sat, Country Crime: Steirerwut, Crime

Graz chief investigator Sascha Bergmann (Hary Prinz) is happy that his partner Sandra Mohr (Miriam Stein) is working overtime, and prefers to take his colleague Eva Merz (Eva Herzig) from forensics with him for a routine case in the hills of eastern Styria, so that they can spend a romantic weekend there. The death of mountain farmer Johann Hödlgruber (Helmut Berger) clearly appears to be a drunken suicide. But upon closer examination, Eva discovers evidence that points to murder.

8:15 p.m., kabel eins, The Hunger Games – Catching Fire, sci-fi drama

After Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) and Peeta (Josh Hutcherson) survived the Hunger Games in Panem and became symbolic figures of the resistance, President Snow suddenly changed the rules. In the upcoming games, all previous winners are to compete against each other. There is no escape for Katniss and Peeta either – they must face the cruel competition again.

8:15 p.m., ZDFneo, Night Shift: The Calm Before the Storm, Crime

There is a curfew in Hamburg because a hurricane with wind force 12 is approaching the city and everything will be under water within twelve hours. The permanent criminal investigation department, led by Ömer Kaplan (Özgür Karadeniz) and his best man Erichsen (Armin Rohde), is looking after the socially disadvantaged in the endangered areas. As the first drops of rain fall, a prisoner transport vehicle collides with an animal transport vehicle. Two monkeys and the serious criminal Axel Krakoff (Shenja Lacher) escape.


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