PREVIEW Resident Evil 4: crazier than ever!

In a few days, players around the world will be able to get their hands on the remake of Resident Evil 4on the machines of Sony Interactive Entertainmentof Microsoft and on PC. Remember, last October, we had the chance to put our hands on this new production which left us speechless (read our preview). Today we had access to a long video of gameplay showing off several interesting and exciting sequences. Before giving you our final impressions, we share with you a final overview. On the program of the day? Stroll along a lake, visit a castle and fight against a former member of theUSSOCOM.

It’s super gory.

The visual part of this adaptation had really charmed us, but the few moments exhibited were able to titillate our retinas with ease. Visually, this Resident Evil 4 is incredibly beautiful. The developers have done an excellent job in the decorations by adding vegetation (much denser) and by taking care of the textures and the play of light. The point that really impressed us was the physics of the bodies and the hemoglobin that twirls in all directions, staining the walls and floors. The dismemberments are mind-blowing… A shotgun blast can literally rip off part of an opponent’s body. Head exploding, arms falling, torso in pieces, it’s violence without name, in other words, it’s ultra gore.

Who says resident Evil, said riddles. We have to drag our feet around the famous artificial lake, visit shacks and gloomy caves, to find utensils and solve certain puzzles to progress. From what we can see, the title has a good balance between action and exploration., to avoid monotony. Just like the original game, the mechanic to destabilize an enemy is still present. Thus, we have to shoot in a sensitive place, like the leg, in order to disorient the opponent and to ram into him quickly to inflict a fatal blow.

Resident Evil 4 37 21 10 2022As we pointed out in our previous preview, the knife allows you to parry an attack in order to escape or have a second’s respite. The tentacles of Ganados, with a parasite on its head, can be countered, as well as opposing Molotov cocktails. However, you should know that the knife wears out over the fights, a deterioration gauge is visible, you will then have to change it along the way or have several in your pocket. In short, our dear blade will be an important element during this horrific odyssey.

In the castle we have to take care of the little one Ashley and get away. The player seems to be able to progress in various ways, either by being silent by hiding behind walls so as not to be spotted, or by taking out the heavy guns and advancing by force. Of course, the young lady can be captured and mistreated by the nasty surrounding pests. If she’s taken too far from our position or her health bar is empty, it’s the game over assured ; it will therefore have to be saved, that is our priority.

Big pearl approaching!

As you will have understood, several aspects of the original game have been retained. We are also thinking of weapon upgrades so that they become more stable and powerful, of the briefcase where we can store our objects, of the typewriter to save our progress or even of the combinations of treasures so that they become more valuable to of Merchant. Nothing to disorient the fans.

We were able to admire the famous conflict between Leon And Jack Krauser and, unsurprisingly, we can say goodbye to QTY. The confrontation is much more dynamic since we have to enter the heap while controlling our nerves in order to gain the upper hand to put it down. even though Quick Time Event are no longer available, small notifications in the middle of the fight appear from time to time, signaling us to press a specific key so that the fight swings to our advantage. Thus, we can counter, dodge, free ourselves from a melee when it is indicated on the screen. Brief, the grip looks much more electric and crazywe can’t wait to try all this quietly at home.

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Capcom reassures us once again with these few minutes of gameplay shared with us. The Japanese firm is heading in the same direction as Resident Evil 2 by proposing in this Resident Evil 4 phases of research, action, bosses, and other supercharged moments; let’s remember that Resident Evil 3 was more scoring oriented by removing important sequences from the game of yesteryear. Yes, so we can’t wait to get our hands on this remake which has been pampered in every way. Big pearl approaching!

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