PREVIEW Resident Evil Village on PSVR 2: a sensational VR experience!

Resident Evil Village is a production that was launched in 2021 and players with a PSVR were only waiting for one thing, a parameter allowing them to play in VRas was the case with Resident Evil VII: Biohazard. Capcom communicated on the thing and, yes, the title will enjoy such an option, but during 2023 on PSVR 2. It is during the Tokyo Game Show that we were able to try this totally delirious new experience. So, taking?

The visual part in virtual reality is striking. As a reminder, the PSVR 2 displays in 4K to enjoy a fine and flashy rendering, Resident Evil Village is stunningly beautiful in VR. The locations are stunning, the sets are impressive, the lighting effects are magnificent and the surrounding characters are surprising in their size; Lady Dimitrescu is really very… big. For simplicity, we are totally immersed in this dismal universe. Regarding the sound, we find the same sensations as the seventh opus. Thus, we hear creaks, howls, cries and smiles all around us. Sound effects that tickle our blunders, stress is everywhere. Also, the headset vibrates when something touches our head. For example, the insects of the sisters Dimitrescu fly in all directions and hit our noggin from all sides. We then feel the impacts on our skull, it’s completely crazy!

This is completely crazy !

Regarding the handling, it is interesting. We execute natural gestures to progress in the area. We can open drawers, grab objects lying around on a table, break glass cases and vases, etc. Totally captivating, we feel the materials in the hands with the PSVR 2Sense. For example, when we push open a door, we perceive the creaking of wood in the palms. This is also the case with weapons. The knife is light, the revolver is heavy, the vibrations play a lot on our senses to make us discern the weight of things. The triggers, they harden when we have our finger on the trigger. In other words, it’s hair-raising and stupendous!

The developers push the immersion further thanks to the technologies included in the PSVR 2. With Resident Evil Village, a new milestone has been reached! Until now, only the hearing and the sight managed to amaze us, this time, touch comes into play to make us anxious. Several senses are monopolized to immerse us in a stunning virtual world. The title manages to trick our neurons into believing that fiction is in fact reality. The tension is palpable to the tips of our fingers, we can’t wait to (re)discover this horrific adventure in this aspect.

You can buy Resident Evil Village on Amazon for €49.99.

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