Preview: “The Quiz Champion – The Donation Special” on ZDF

“The Quiz Champion – The Donation Special” on ZDF

“The Quiz Champion”: Johannes B. Kerner moderates the guessing duels.

© ZDF/Svea Pietschmann

Johannes B. Kerner invites you to the fundraising special of “Der Quiz-Champion” (ZDF). “The Protector” (The First) is responsible for the life of a key witness. In the “Jauch-Gottschalk-Schöneberger-Show” (RTL) the three entertainment professionals have to improvise.

8:15 p.m., ZDF, The Quiz Champion – The Donation Special, Rateshow

“The Quiz Champion” with Johannes B. Kerner reports with a special issue. In a combination of quiz and fundraising program, candidates support German Cancer Aid. Johannes B. Kerner welcomes various guests to the studio and honors special initiatives from social interaction and research. The diverse work of the German Cancer Aid is presented in discussions and recordings.

8:15 p.m., The First, The Protector, Thriller

The experienced BKA officer Jan Schäfer (Tobias Oertel) is given the task of protecting a key witness at the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea in Hamburg. Fiona Weibel (Marlene Tanczik), an ambitious foreign employee at a Swiss shipping company, is supposed to testify against her own company in an explosive trial. Fiona has known how dangerous their opaque business dealings in the Middle East are since an assassination attempt in Cairo, which the young businesswoman – unlike her boss Urs Beerenberg (Markus Graf) – survived.

8:15 p.m., RTL, Because they don’t know what’s happening – The Jauch-Gottschalk-Schöneberger-Show, show

Three unsuspecting presenters without a plan who face new game and quiz rounds with an uncertain outcome: Barbara Schöneberger, Thomas Gottschalk and Günther Jauch are dancing on the volcano again in three new Saturday evening primetime shows and giving it their all. Live, without a safety net, without rehearsals, with brains, a lot of enthusiasm and with full physical effort.

8:15 p.m., ONE, Nord bei Nordwest – In the name of the father, crime thriller

During a traffic stop, Hannah Wagner (Jana Klinge) and Hauke ​​Jacobs (Hinnerk Schönemann) find a cut finger in a suitcase. The driver in whose car the suitcase was lying claims to have known nothing. He pulls out a lawyer’s business card. He is there immediately, talks to his client alone – and shoots him. He was apparently a cleaner, a criminal service provider who would remove all traces if the worst came to the worst. At the same time, Ansgar Brandel (Paul Behren), the pastor in Schwanitz, is collecting money for a young widow in need.

9:45 p.m., Das Erste, Blindly Investigated – The Fire Devil of Vienna, crime thriller

As an undercover investigator, Alexander Haller (Philipp Hochmair) takes on an unusual criminal case: the director of an elite boarding school in Vienna has been set on fire in his own bed. In order to find the murderer, Inspector Laura Janda (Jaschka Lämmert) infiltrates her blind ex-boss as a music teacher. When he meets his attractive colleague Lotta Behrbach (Aenne Schwarz), Alex is surprised by his feelings. For the first time since the death of his partner, he feels something for a woman again. In order not to endanger his work, he has to keep his secret from Lotta.


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