Preview: “The three from the garbage collection” in the first

“The three from the garbage collection” in the first

“The three of the garbage disposal: Mission Future”: Werner Träsch (Uwe Ochsenknecht, center), Tarik (Aram Arami, right) with student intern Dennis (Ben Litwinschuh).

© ARD Degeto / Britta Krehl

“The three of the garbage disposal” (Das Erste) get an idiosyncratic intern. Robert De Niro proves as “Dirty Grandpa” (ProSieben) that he is by no means old-fashioned. The death of a young footballer is a case for the “old man” (ZDF).

8:15 p.m., The First, The Three From Garbage Collection: Mission Future, Comedy

“Captain” Werner Träsch (Uwe Ochsenknecht), Ralle (Jörn Hentschel) and Tarik (Aram Arami) prefer it when they can do their work without stress. When Werner slips his hand during a schoolyard demo and he triggers a shitstorm on the Internet, his boss forces him to iron out the lack of control on duty in an unusual way: The slapped Dennis (Ben Litwinschuh), who is about to be kicked out of school, is supposed to do his one-week student internship with the “Käpt’n” and put the “garbage” in the best light with positive blog posts.

8:15 p.m., ProSieben, Dirty Grandpa, comedy

After the death of his wife, pensioner Dick (Robert De Niro) really wants to let the pig out again – preferably with his bourgeois grandson Jason (Zac Efron), who is about to marry the arch-conservative Meredith (Julianne Hough). Dick suggests going to Daytona for spring break. Jason is stunned when it turns out that his grandpa is a sex-obsessed party beast.

8:15 p.m., ZDF, Der Alte: Promotion fight, crime thriller

Maik Rotthoff lives in a neighborhood with a high unemployment rate and is the most talented young footballer in his club. He is 16 years young and falls to his death from a skyscraper. After the forensic examination it is clear that his death was not a suicide. The first lead leads Richard Voss (Jan-Gregor Kremp) and his team to Gino (Tom Gronau), an ambitious teammate who is said to have been on the roof of the skyscraper at the time of the crime. However, Gino claims to have only been on the roof to film a spectacular soccer trick.

8:15 p.m., arte, How did we deserve this ?, comedy

The rebellious, 16-year-old Nina (Chantal Zitzenbacher) brought her parents to the end of their patience with various excesses of puberty. But her latest idea, after alcohol, drugs and wild parties are no longer any limits to be explored, leaves her left-liberal parents stunned: Nina converts to Islam, including a headscarf, daily prayers with previous cleansing rituals and strict food regulations. An act of solidarity towards a classmate for whom she is willing to take on a lot.

10:15 p.m., Das Erste, crime scene: Mauerpark, crime thriller

The body of 49-year-old lawyer Simon Herzog (Christopher Gareisen) is found in a junkyard in Berlin’s Mauerpark. It quickly turns out that the murdered man had some enemies: He campaigned for serious criminals who were in safekeeping. The inspectors Till Ritter (Dominic Raacke) and Felix Stark (Boris Aljinovic) find a message on the victim’s mailbox from Ina Kilian (Rebecca Immanuel), managing director of the “Second Chance” foundation, for which Simon Herzog acted as legal advisor.