Preview: “Veterinarian Dr. Mertens: Bitter consequences” in the first

“Veterinarian Dr. Mertens: Bitter consequences” in the first

“Veterinarian Dr. Mertens: Bitter consequences”: Dr. Susanne Mertens (Elisabeth Lanz, right) and the chief vet Dr. Elif Şahin (Neshe Demir) try to prevent an epidemic emergency at the zoo.

© ARD/Steffen Junghans

The vet Dr. Mertens (Das Erste) refuses when she is supposed to spy on her boss. ZDF takes a look behind the scenes of the cruise giant AIDA. In “Super 8” (kabel eins) young Joe sees incredible things in front of his lens.

8:15 p.m., The First, veterinarian Dr. Mertens: Bitter consequences, family series

Jasper (Dominik Weber) accuses the chief veterinarian of drug abuse. That’s why he tries to put Susanne (Elisabeth Lanz) on her. But Susanne doesn’t want to be made into Jasper’s spy. Nevertheless, there is no stopping her from taking a closer look. Nevertheless, the cooperation between her and Elif (Neshe Demir) develops increasingly positively. Together, the doctors prevent an epidemic emergency.

8:15 p.m., ZDF, AIDA: The insiders – the tricks of the cruise giant, documentary

Lavishly masked, insiders from “AIDA” unpack: on the cruise giants, travelers are systematically asked to pay. So that the shipping company from Rostock generates millions in profits. The expensive tariff is already sold to the customer as a bargain when booking. During the journey, the group goes to the checkout for the passengers. Whether at the bar, on excursions or on the sun deck: “AIDA” is trimmed for maximum sales.

8:15 p.m., kabel eins, Super 8, mystery adventure

When Joe (Joel Courtney), Alice (Elle Fanning) and their friends are filming a night scene for their amateur zombie film in 1979, they witness a dramatic event: in front of their eyes, a freight train collides with a pickup truck and bursts into flames . After the incident, strange happenings in the small town of Lillian begin to pile up, and the teens find out something unbelievable: not only did the train belong to the US Air Force, it also housed an otherworldly being.

8:15 p.m., RTL, Pocher and dad on the road: Spain and Portugal, comedy

Olli and Gerd start in the Portuguese capital. On the way through Lisbon, dad flirts with bachelorette girls, dances with children and sells drinks. In Spain, the two learn to dance flamenco. You will stop in Granada and visit the world-famous Alhambra. Then it’s off to the Camenito, where it will be seen whether the two have a head for heights! We continue to Benidorm, one of the tourist strongholds on the Costa Blanca.

8:15 p.m., 3Sat, A fateful plan, thriller

When Chief Inspector Jan Brenner (Benjamin Sadler) wakes up in the morning, he finds his lover dead in the living room, strangled with his tie. They had a fight, he can’t remember anything else. His wife Kathrin (Jördis Triebel), an ambitious politician, took their two children away for the weekend. Brenner knows what he has to do to save himself, his family and his career with the Berlin police. He disposes of the body and covers the tracks. Brenner believes he has everything under control – until his colleague Pia (Friederike Becht) calls.


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