Previous day's pizza: This trick tastes fresh

Our editor's mouths water even at the thought of fresh pizza, so it was difficult for her to concentrate when writing this article. Still, she couldn't keep the trick to herself.

Pizza is food for the soul. When the calorie-counting brain cells switch off and the areas of the brain responsible for enjoyment are in full swing – you are floating in the seventh heaven of food. And that works – at least for me – with pizza in under three seconds. To do this, the bottom just has to be crispy, the tomato sauce fresh and the cheese so soft that you could use it to pull threads up to the kitchen ceiling. Molto bene! Oh dear, the salivation starts again, like a dog dreaming of a fat bone. So I'd rather go straight to the actual part: How do you manage to get this heavenly delight the next day?

So the pizza from the previous day will be fresh again

Very easily! All you need is a normal, coated frying pan with a (glass) lid and your little water – and off you go.

  1. Slice the pizza into the pan, cover it and heat the whole thing (without oil or frying fat) over medium heat.
  2. When the lid is steamed up after about two minutes, add a few drops of water and put the pan lid on the pan for another minute. The pizza topping and the cheese can get gently hot again due to the steam – without drying out.
  3. Take out the pizza slices and enjoy.

By the way, the next day the easiest way to turn pizza back into an edible consistency is if it has been stored properly overnight. Because actually the pizza may only be left outside at room temperature for two hours. It is best to take the remaining pieces of pizza out of the pizza box immediately after eating, place them in a food storage container and put them in the fridge.


The whole process takes less than five minutes. I promise: Once you have tried it, you will no longer be satisfied with the lumpy, soft pizza residue and tough shoe sole cheese. But the best trick is and remains to simply eat the fresh pizza straight away. Buon appetite!