Price of the Navigo pass: Valérie Pécresse stirs up the State

The president of Île-de-France Mobilité considers the State responsible for the increase in the price of the transport subscription to 90 euros, reports “Le Parisien”.


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Lhe towel is burning between Île-de-France Mobilités (IDFM) and the State. On December 7, IDFM’s board of directors is due to meet to vote on the new prices for the Navigo pass, which allows travel throughout the region. Its president, Valérie Pécresse, has done the accounts and the public establishment is missing 750 million euros, in particular faced with the explosion in the price of energy. So, to prevent the price of the monthly subscription from increasing by 20% and going to 90 euros – a cost deemed “socially unbearable” by the elected official -, she appeals to the State, explain our colleagues from Parisian.

The president of the authority in charge of transport in the region claims, in fact, to have convinced the City of Paris and all the departments to increase their contribution, but to come up against a refusal from the Medef, to which she asked that the companies increase their “mobility payment” by approximately 7.5%. “I cannot increase this corporate contribution without a vote in Parliament. That’s what I’m asking the state, which is blocking it,” criticizes Valérie Pécresse. However, according to her, this would contain the increase to five euros per month – the monthly subscription would then cost 80.80 euros.

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“The State seems indifferent to the fate of travelers from the Ile-de-France”, cowardly, visibly exasperated, the president of the region, who says she does not understand “this blockage”. Valérie Pécresse does not lose hope, however, and slips: “I also heard that the Minister of Transport wanted to continue to discuss and work with us. My hand is outstretched. In a vacuum for now. »

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