prices are increasing once again and we will have to deal with it

Bouygues Telecom is once again preparing to increase the prices of certain Mobile and Internet offers. And unlike the previous ones, it will be impossible to refuse this new price increase, justified by inflation.

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Whether it is Bouygues Telecom, Orange, Free or SFR, subscribers have gotten into the sad habit of seeing the price of their subscription suddenly increase by 2 or 3 euros. Most of the time, this price increase is justified by an additional novelty introduced into your offer such as a more generous mobile data envelope for example.

Generally, it is possible to refuse this increase by expressing your disagreement. In this situation, the subscriber keeps his existing offer, without obviously benefiting from the latest additions. Well, bad news, Bouygues Telecom is preparing to raise the prices of certain Mobile and Internet offers. And this time, users will have to live with it, whether they like it or not.

Bouygues bills climb by €3 and there’s nothing we can do about it

As reported by our colleagues from the CableReview site, several Bouygues subscribers received an email from the operator to inform them of a further increase in prices. In the case of the customer cited by CableReview, the price of her ideo Sensation package increases by €3. The bill, already substantial, therefore increases from 65 to 68 € per month.

And this time, there is no compensation for the key (no more GO or additional TV channels on its bouquet). As the operator specifies, this price increase is necessary to compensate for the increase in all of its costs during this inflationary period : “To continue to provide you with a high-quality, high-speed network in the current context of inflation which is weighing on all of our costs, we are forced to review all of our prices,” writes Bouygues in his email.

It is then specified that this new price will come into force on October 27, 2023. As a reminder, Bouygues, SFR and Orange have already released the Inflation card to justify a price increase in December 2022. For its part, Free assured that there would be no increase in 2023. Better yet, the internet troublemaker made a strong promise: that of keeping its prices unchanged until 2027. It remains to be seen now whether the operator will keep its commitment.

Source: CableReview

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