prices are rising at Superchargers, should we expect a future drop?

After a significant drop in the price of Superchargers last week, Tesla is backtracking, or almost. Prices in France and Europe have just increased again, without however regaining their previous level. Explanations.

Source: Ulrich Rozier for Frandroid

We told you about it last week, an unusual drop in Supercharge prices had taken place at Tesla. While this drop was welcome, we nevertheless expressed reservations about its lasting nature. A few days later, it is clear that we were right: prices are going up again.

The fast charging price yo-yo

Tesla surprised us by drastically lowering the prices of its fast chargers at the dawn of Black Friday. In fact, overnight the price has been reduced by around 40 to 45%, giving hope to many Tesla owners about the possible end of the exorbitant prices of fast charging for long journeys. A week later, it’s the cold shower: prices have increased again, without however returning to their highest rate observed.

In practice, if prices in France had fallen around 0.32 euro per kWh in off-peak hours (from 8 p.m. to 4 p.m.) and 0.36 euro per kWh in peak hours (from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.), they today jumped about 35 to 40%. Thus, thehe price recorded on November 30, 2022 is on average 0.44 euro per kWh in off-peak hours and 0.48 euro per kWh in peak hours.

Tesla Supercharger

These rates are valid for Tesla owners as well as for those charging a third-party vehicle, but who pay a subscription at 12.99 euros per month. Thus, filling a Tesla Model Y Performance from 10 to 80% battery costs around 25 euros, against 20 euros during the promotional period.

Drivers of third-party vehicles who do not have a subscription must pay a much higher price, around 0.65 euros per kWh. As an example, a Hyundai Ioniq 5 77 kWh that charges 10-80% on a Tesla Supercharger would pay 35 euros without subscription, against 24 euros with subscription. A single charge is almost enough to amortize the cost of the subscription in this case.

A hope was born however from this small promotion of Tesla: what the builder did once can happen again. We are therefore not immune to another flash drop, especially during periods of great winter transhumance. A little Christmas present, in a way…

Unless Tesla’s electricity contracts have dynamic pricing, according to the wholesale market, which the American manufacturer passes on to its end customers according to the evolution of the purchase price.

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