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The start of the school year is fast approaching and who says back to school means budget to plan! Although the exceptional back-to-school bonus was paid on August 18, the back-to-school period provides for various and varied expenses that may also include childcare! In order to find you there, the childcare prices have been published by the Yoopies platform.

After school supplies, the other back-to-school goal is to find daycare for the children. Yes, for some parents it is necessary to find a childcare provider who will look after the little ones but also the older ones after school!

Rising prices

Yoopies, the platform for connecting parents and childcare, has published its annual study on the salaries of childminders and childcare at home.

Despite a context of health crisis which has greatly disrupted the professional world of this sector since March, the prices charged have increased since last year.

According to the Yoopies study, the use of a childminder costs 3.59 euros per hour and per child, an increase of 1.99% compared to last year.
The highest prices are mainly in Île-de-France (3.99 euros) and in the Paca region (4.20 euros). The Pays de Loire (3.24 euros) and Normandy (3.24 euros) regions remain the cheapest.

That's not all ! The rates for home care have also increased! In fact, the cost of one hour on call amounts to 9.31 euros against 9.12 euros in 2019. In Hauts-de-France, the price is 8.86 euros per hour against 8.89 euros in the Grand-Est. In the most expensive regions, we find again the Île-de-France (9.41 euros) and the Paca region (9.31 euros).

According to the Yoopies study, even if the morale of childminders is at its lowest, we must stay on a positive note. Yes, despite the difficult situation of professionals in this sector in recent months, active support from companies could allow this sector to relaunch for the start of the 2020 school year.

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